Catlantis by Anna Starobinets, Andrzej Klimowski


Written by Anna Starobinets, Andrzej Klimowski
Illustrated by Andrzej Klimowski

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Catlantis by Anna Starobinets, Andrzej Klimowski

Baguette is just a regular house cat. He likes to sit in the window, watch the birds, and eat three square meals a day. But what's a regular house cat to do if he falls in love with a beautiful street cat who has some very strange - and really rather dangerous - demands?Baguette must travel back through the Ocean of Time to the lost island of Catlantis. He must find a way to save the nine lives of all cats before it is too late. And he must outwit the wicked black cat Noir, who is hot on his tail. Only then can he hope to win the paw of Purriana...


Cats prove popular heroes too. In Catlantis...a self-obsessed house cat must voyage back through the Ocean of Time to find the lost island of Catlantis and save the nine lives of all cats if he is to win the paw of his lady love Telegraph, Books of the Year A madcap and highly original adventure by Anna Starobinets, translated from the Russian, and starkly illustrated Observer, Children's Books of the Year Catlantis is edifying as well as amusing... keeps the reader enthralled to the end in this imaginative epic TLS A mix of fantasy and all things feline makes this a thoroughly eclectic and enjoyable read Your Cat Extraordinary book... whimsical and delectable... book for both children as well as adults The School Librarian A fantastic story that proves what most cat owners have probably suspected since time began: there's a lot more going on in your moggy's mind than meets the eye Read It Daddy Pushkin give everything I've seen the same carefulemphasis as if it were the latest tent-pole release for an adult audience The Bookbag This turned out to be quite an 'Ameowzing

! -- LaChouett Told with impeccable style and littered with beautifully, simple but effective, line drawings, the story of Baguette's intrepid fearlessness combines myth, magic and legend...The narrative is completely at ease with itself, it whirls and dances and the glorious poems which litter the text are like little pearls of wisdom, filling the story with a real sense of accomplishment Jaffa Reads Too

About the Author

Anna Starobinets is an acclaimed, award-winning Russian novelist, scriptwriter and journalist. She is best known as a writer of dystopian and metaphysical novels and short stories, and is also a very successful children's author. Catlantis is her first children's book to be translated into English.

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128 pages


Anna Starobinets, Andrzej Klimowski
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Pushkin Children's Books

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22nd October 2015



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Pushkin Children's Books is an imprint of Pushkin Children's Books


Pushkin Children's Books was launched in 2013 to share tales from different languages and cultures with younger readers, and to open the door to the wide, colourful worlds these stories offer. From picture books and adventure stories to fairy tales and classics, and from fifty-year-old bestsellers to current huge successes abroad, the books on the Pushkin Childrens list reflect the very best stories from around the world, for our most discerning readers of all: children. Twitter @PushkinPress

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