Maths Friend A Helping Hand with Maths GCSE Higher Tier by Chris Robinson


Maths Friend A Helping Hand with Maths GCSE Higher Tier by Chris Robinson

The entire focus of Maths Friend is to help students improve their grade at GCSE. Author Chris Robinson can't promise that his guide will turn you into a maths genius, but what he knows it will do is help students make the most of their talents. Maths Friend does not pretend that maths is fun. I know from tutoring that many students believe maths is just an instrument of torture invented by schools and by examiners! admits Chris. Maths Friend fills in gaps left by the textbook and the revision guide, and at times gives a different way of looking at things than the one normally given in class. Much of the book is directed to answering exam questions. Chris shows how the examiner takes the maths you learn and twists it around to make it look unusual. Stay calm, read this book and see through the examiner's tricks. We all make silly mistakes, especially under exam pressure. If there is time, checking your work is vital, but it's not easy to do properly. This book will help the student make those checks. The most common errors are laid out in a spot-the-blunder section. Here, extra marks can be gained for no extra maths knowledge and that can make all the difference to the final grade. Maths Friend also covers aspects that textbooks do not deal with, that won't be found in revision guides or online help, and that teachers have not got the time to cover. Maths Friend is a must-have guide for pupils aged 14-16 studying for their maths GCSE.

About the Author

Chris Robinson graduated with a BSc and PhD in chemistry from Leeds University 1971-1977, then spent 24 years as a research scientist in the gas industry in combustion chemistry related fields with a strong mathematical content. He began retraining as a maths teacher in 2003 and started tutoring in 2006. For the last six years he has tutored at GCSE level in state schools, combined with private tutoring from Y9 to A level. Chris previously published Maths Friend: A Helping Hand With Maths GCSE Foundation Tier.

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100 pages
Interest Age: From 14


Chris Robinson
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13th November 2014



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