Winter's Child by Angela McAllister


Winter's Child by Angela McAllister

When Tom wishes winter would never end, he meets another boy who shares his love of snow and ice. Playing together every day, Tom hardly notices that spring doesn't come - until he realises the terrible effect of unending winter is having on the countryside and his sick grandma. His friend is Winter's child, and for the seasons to go on the friends must say goodbye until next year.


McAllister's fairy tale is based upon an idyllic friendship between two young boys, Tom and a supernatural child who, unknown to the former, is the son of Winter. They play so well together that they wish winter will never end. Winter's Child out-stays his natural season to please Tom, but there is a near fatal price to be paid by his continuing presence. Winter's Child has to leave Tom to allow for the return of Spring. In painting, drawing and digital imaging, Baker-Smith creates a sequence of intricate glittering illustrations; viewers enter a crystalline world of cerulean and sapphire hues, with vertiginous peaks, spangles of snowflakes, and curtains of icicles. The spectacular visual climax is a double spread frame showing Winter in his sleigh pulled by silver horses with emerald eyes, being re-united with his boy. The themes, all of which are appropriate for classroom discussion, include the old advice to be careful what you wish for, of relationships between the generations, of the power of friendship, of the nature of making sacrifices, of the vulnerability of old age and the Biblical precept: to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun. -- Jane Doonan The School Librarian Journal Angela McAllister's poignant story and Graham Baker-Smith's evocative illustrations together create a wonderful picture book in Winter's Child. Tom wishes winter would go on forever,and his new friend Winter's Child loves the ice and snow too. Tom eventually learns that he has to forego his friendship in order to allow the natural progression of the seasons. There is lots for children to discover in the pictures, and much for them to discuss in this delightful story. -- MARILYN BROCKLEHURST The Bookseller For an alternative Christmas gift we are recommending Winter's Child by Angela McAllister. Grahame Baker- Smith's artwork immerses us in to the world of Tom, who loves winter and befriends Winter's Child. Together they delight in the wintry wonderland, but the cold environment is detrimental to Tom's nana's health,and seasons must change. -- VANESSA LEWIS The Bookseller From award-winning author and illustrator comes this haunting tale. [...]The book can lead to great discussions, such as the difference between wants and needs, and the vast array of emotions that are displayed by the characters,The detail in these magical illustrations that accompany this story bring it to life. The vivid imagery, achieved by the combination of illustration styles and the use of wintery colours invite the reader to pore over the pages and lose themselves in it. A wonderful book to cozy up to this coming winter! -- Shaheen Merali Families London South West

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Angela McAllister

ANGELA MCALLISTER is the author of over 70 books for children and teens. Her books have won several awards, including the Red House Book Award for Yuck! That's Not a Monster! and the Stockport and Portsmouth Awards for My Mum has X-Ray Vision. Her picture book, Leon and the Place Between has been adapted for the stage and was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award. She has collaborated with many illustrators, including Grahame Baker-Smith, Alex T. Smith, Margaret Chamberlain, Ross Collins and Peter Bailey.

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Angela McAllister
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1st October 2014



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