Llinell Amser y Beibl by Rachel Coupe


Llinell Amser y Beibl by Rachel Coupe

Maybe you are one of the few people who have read the Bible from start to finish? Then you deserve our congratulations! For most of us, however, Bible-reading is done piecemeal - a verse here, a chapter there, maybe a complete Gospel if the preacher on Sunday was inspiring. So it is not surprising that we find it hard to work out where all the stories and characters belong and what part they play in working out God's great plan of salvation for the world. The Bible Timeline could be the answer to your prayers! With a combination of colour illustrations, a list of key dates and brief, explanatory text, the Bible Timeline provides an instant visual aid for everyone who wants to know where King David fits into the Old Testament, or whether Paul actually knew Jesus. The Bible Timeline can be used in church halls, youth groups, midweek groups and in your own home. It is designed to work with Scripture Union's new Light range of curriculum resources for children, young people and adults as they explore the Bible Sunday by Sunday.

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Rachel Coupe is a church worker in Derbyshire and was involved in the development of Light for Scripture Union.

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Rachel Coupe
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Scripture Union Publishing

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16th January 2009



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