Start to Knit by Alison Dupernex


Start to Knit by Alison Dupernex

NEW IN PAPERBACK This book is perfect for readers from ten to fourteen to learn how to knit. Because there are only a few techniques to learn, absolute beginners can quickly learn how to make brilliant knitted items - from scarves, belts and bags to purses and beanie hats. Each project is set off by bright, full colour photography, lively design and ideas for adapting the patterns. Have a go: you really can start to knit!


June 2007 The cover features bags you can knit using the patterns in the book. The contents page is attractively decorated with wool, buttons and beads. The first few pages contain a detailed explanation of important aspects such as the size of knitting needles, the type of yarn, darning and lots of other key items. The book goes on to explain about checking the tension of your work and the different weights of yarn, with abbreviations included in a table. There are very clear instructions on casting-on and how to do the main stitches: knit and purl. It also covers moss stitch and how to cast off. A particularly useful feature included is how to make a fringe and scarves etc. and also describes how to make flowers. Lauren Spencer Workshop On The Web Sept 07 The perfect way to introduce a young relative to the craft, Start to Knit offers a range of bright, funky and exciting designs aimed at young teens. Textile designer Alison Dupernex brings 20 years

-by-step guides a breeze to follow. Alison also makes sure every tool and piece of kit is explained in detail before you get your needles out. Top tips are scattered throughout the pages, too - did you know, for instance, that waxed dental floss is great for securing metal buttons that otherwise would wear through normal thread? Thought not! There's a delightful range of patterns to choose from, all aimed at go-getting teens with a penchant for bright colours and bold designs. The rhubard-and-custard scarf, made from Rowan Chunky Print yarn in Girlie Pink, is a superb starter. Then there are purses, bags, a belt, beaded jewellery and a cool beanie hat to try your needles on. Many patterns have spin-off designs, too, that get you to think outside the box with new techniques. It's a clever way of getting new knitters to understand the basics before trying out their own designs. This is another superb addition to Search Press

... range of books. It's bright, easy to read, and packed with fun patterns. Start to Knit will certainly please teens who are eager to take up the craft, and it will be a boon for older knitters as well, who may be looking for funkier patterns to knit-up for those often hard-to-please teens in the family. Simply Knitting Feb 09 Alison Dupernex explains how to hand knit in simple step-by-step terms, making the craft accessible for complete beginners. She includes patterns for beanie hats, purses, bags and belts and each project has bright photography plus lively designs and ideas for adapting the patterns. Alison has been a textile designer for 20 years, selling to galleries and shops in the UK and abroad. Her designs are mainly for jackets and sweaters in natural fibres and her cushions and throws have been featured in interior design magazines. She also writes patterns for magazines and teaches short courses on machine and hand knitting. Machine Knitting Monthly No. 116, June 2007 In the 148 pages of this hardback book which is just under A4 sized are step-by-step photos of basic knitting techniques together with patterns for a scarf, purse, two bags, jewellery, a beanie hat and a belt. The book is aimed at young teenagers based on the ages of the all-female models. I was delighted to see basic but vital information such as 'When the smooth side is facing, you knit the stitches...


's local shop or lack of sufficient pocket money meant the projects were not attempted. The technique of knitting flowers, resulting in an almost crocheted look, was new to me. At first sight I had wondered what a crochet embellishment was doing in this book. It goes to prove that you may only start to knit once, but are never too old to learn something new. Lesley Fidler SlipKnot January 2015 This book provides an introduction to knitting, along with patterns and descriptions for various projects. Like a fun, gossipy friend who knows how to knit, this guide gently initiates novice knitters by getting them comfortable with the rhythm of casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, and binding off-before graduating to simple projects where they will find great success. I highly recommend it for girls and even for young adults who want to learn how to knit. April 07 If there is a youngster in your family who fancies learning to knit, then this new book is just the thing. Start to Knit by Alison Dupernex is a bright and youth-friendly book that is full of clear instructions teamed with hip projects that pre-teens and teenagers would love to knit. There are beanie hats, purses, bags and belts that are all popular accessories made with fun and exciting yarns. Knit Today'

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Alison Dupernex has been a textile designer for 20 years, selling to galleries and shops in the UK and abroad. Her designs are mainly for jackets and sweaters in natural fibres, and her cushions and throws have been featured in interior design magazines. She also writes patterns for magazines and teaches short courses on machine and hand knitting. Her hobbies include gardening and listening to music and she enjoys the theatre.

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