Lulu and the Birthday Party by Mary Rees, Belinda Hollyer


Lulu and the Birthday Party by Mary Rees, Belinda Hollyer

It's Lulu's birthday soon, but it's her brother Billy's birthday first. As cards arrive for Billy and not her, and her parents plan Billy's birthday party, Lulu becomes more and more cross. To spoil the fun, she hides the special ball that Billy's friend has given him. Billy is very upset when he can't find it, so he and his friends have to fly his kite instead. But then Lulu can't find her favourite yo-yo and suddenly she realises how Billy must feel. A story about childhood jealousy and sibling rivalry, this charming book provides food for thought and discussion with young readers. Written by an author with extensive experience of children and children's books as both teacher and publisher, it is illustrated with great verve by an established artist.


Light-hearted and charming, the story provides food for thought about childhood jealously and sibling rivalry, making it an ideal book for discussion with younger readers. Overall, a recommended read for anyone looking to explore the importance of sharing. This beautifully written and illustrated book about childhood jealousy and sibling rivalry will strike a chord with any parent with more than one child... This story provides many opportunities for discussion, giving children a chance to develop important skills, such as cooperating and being able to see another person's point of view. Child Care This thought--provoking tale is enhanced by colourful, expressive illustrations. Carousel This is a beautifully conceived story about childhood jealousy, sibling rivalry and how we empathise with each other. It is written in simple, straightforward language, with plenty of direct speech and a masterful exploration of Lulu's feelings. The text is beautifully reinforced and enriched by the full colour, characterful illustrations on every page. This is a gem of a book, beautifully written, illustrated and produced

About the Author

Belinda Hollyer was born in New Zealand. She has lived in the Lebanon and Australia, and frequently visits the USA, but now lives mostly in London. She has spent much of her adult life enjoying some combination of children and books - as a teacher, a teacher-librarian and a book publisher - and now writes fulltime (mostly for children). Recent titles include VOTES FOR WOMEN (non-fiction, Scholastic), and SHE'S ALL THAT! (poetry anthology, Kingfisher) which has been selected by Child Education & Junior Education as one of the Best Books of the Year and by the American Library Association as a Children's Notable Book . Her first novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT JOSIE GREEN (Orchard), was published in 2006, as was YOU'RE THE BEST (story anthology, Kingfisher). Orchard published RIVER SONG in June 2007, and SECRETS, LIES AND MY SISTER KATE in July 2007. Emma Damon trained at Manchester Art School, where she gained a first class honours degree, followed by an MA. Emma's interests iinclude fashion and textiles. She has worked for museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, and the V&A in London. She now lives near Melbourne, Australia.

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32 pages
Interest Age: From 3


Mary Rees, Belinda Hollyer
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Frances Lincoln Childrens Books an imprint of Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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4th March 2010



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