First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger


First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

First the egg, then the chicken. First the seed, then the flower. First the word, then the story. First the paint, then the picture. This is a book about transformations...from tadpole to frog, from caterpillar to butterfly. But it is also a book about creativity - as paint becomes picture, word becomes story...and commonplace becomes extraordinary.


How do you introduce the concept of growth and metamorphosis to very young children? This book succeeds magnificently through imaginative design, a vibrant palette and boldy excecuted illustrations. But what makes it exceptional is that it takes children from the notion of change in nature to their own capacity to create, whether in words or with paint. Books for Keeps The ultimate picture book: simple and stunning. Using expressive brushstrokes of acrylic on canvas and a die cut on every other page, she shows the transformation of egg to chicken, tadpole to frog, seed to flower, word to story and finally back from chicken to egg. Sunday Telegraph A magical tribute to creation in all its forms. Whimsical and bold, this simple picturebook is a delight to read and both parent and child will enjoy sharing the humour. INIS An intriguing book that will certainly fascinate young children and raise lots of opportunities for discussion. The illustrations are bold and lively. Nursery World This is an intriguing book that will fascinate young children and raise plenty of opportunities for discussion. The illustrations are bold and lively. EYE Evolution... metamosphosis... Never too early to introduce a concept... this is so beautiful you can smell the paint on the canvas. Families South East Another easy egg to crack. It is a beauty - an exploration of the evolving mystery of the world. First the egg, then the chicken. First the tadpole, then the frog. First the seed, then the flower. Seegar's paintings are lovely and the book has been ingeniously designed so that every other page contains a cut out - for example, a circle surrounds the seed which, once the page is turned, is revealed to be part of a flower. It is a book to gladden the heart, just right for Easter. Observer The concept of before and after, and of growing are all summed up sumpteously in First the Egg. The richly textured brushstrokes illustrating each page are exquisite and make you want to touch each one. Reading this book appeals to all of your senses and cleverly covers complex subject matter. Transformations, time/chronology, science, life metamorphosis and creativity are all expressed so succinctly and accessibly in this little gem of a book. A book like this will support children so much in their learning, helping to develop their language, chronological development, creativity, investigation and questioning skills. EYE A creative, colourful, charming first reader about transformations. Times Very attractive and cleverly planned 'holey

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About the Author

Laura Vaccaro Seeger is an Emmy Award-winning artist and animator. Her first book The Hidden Alphabet was an American Literary Association Notable Children's Book, a Kirkus Editor's Choice and a Child Magazine Best Book of the Year. Laura lives close to the beach on Long Island, New York, with her husband, Chris, and their two young boys, Drew and Dylan. Her books for Frances Lincoln are Lemons are not Red and First the Egg.

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32 pages
Interest Age: From 3


Laura Vaccaro Seeger
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Frances Lincoln Childrens Books an imprint of Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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19th March 2009



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