Rabbit Cooks Up a Cunning Plan by Andrew Peters


Rabbit Cooks Up a Cunning Plan by Andrew Peters

Mountain Lion terrorises all the forest animals, and preys on them for his supper. One day, they come up with a plan to try to protect themselves, yet they are not safe until Rabbit cooks up a cunning plan which brings them lasting freedom. Retold with a twist by storyteller, poet and anthologist Andrew Fusek Peters, tales from around the world provide an insight into cultures other than our own.


Little Kid Reaction: At first our daughter was a little bit afraid to read this. The snarling tiger on the cover was intimidating to her. Then we read it, and giggled and laughed at the rabbit's plan. Big Kid Reaction: The story will remind you of a classic fable. The story is a clever (and tasty) twist on the outwit-the-bully theme. I also loved how it captured the idea that sometimes we are our own worst enemy. The illustrations are well done and complement the story nicely. Pros: Kids will cheer at rabbit's plan ... and then ask for lunch. The story draws on classic themes to craft a modern tale about our choices and weaknesses. Borrow or Buy: Borrow, at least. This is a book you'll likely read a number of times. It is one of those books that you can enjoy for the story itself, create a story around the illustrations, or use it to study a particular story form. If You Liked This Book, Try: WHEN BAT WAS A BIRD AND OTHER ANIMAL TALES FROM AFRICA , THE FIRST WELL & OTHER READ-ALONG STORIES (BookBox) , THE GIRAFFE WHO WAS AFRAID OF HEIGHTS Educational Themes: The story's presentation offers opportunities to talk about a number of things, from bullies and being mean, to bossiness, pride, egotism, anger, and the pitfalls that go with those emotions. For older readers, it's an opportunity to explore fables. It would be fun to see how many of Aesop's fables are woven into this story. www.thereadingtub.com

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Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters, the very tall author of Ravenwood, has been climbing and talking to trees since he was small - so the story of Ravenwood has been a long time in development!

Author of over sixty previous books, Andrew says: 'Writing Ravenwood was like being in the driving seat of the best ride ever, especially as I had never attempted to concoct an adventure on this scale before! I have always had a vivid imagination and I love escaping into other worlds.

The challenge with Ravenwood was to write a fun, thought-provoking, but ultimately epic adventure as well as to create a whole new world from scratch: a foreign island of mile-tall giant trees, suddenly threatened by an empire of glass and steel that is hungry for the island's wood. The dwellers of the treetop kingdom don't know it, but theirs are the only trees left in the whole world where wood has become more precious than gold.'

Andrew lives in Shropshire with his wife and two children. He's a keen photographer and squash player, and just can't help jumping in cold rivers and lakes at most times of the year (except when there's ice!)

Ravenwood was released in May 2011.

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32 pages
Interest Age: From 4 To 7


Andrew Peters
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Child's Play (International) Ltd an imprint of Child's Play International Ltd

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1st September 2007



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