Tom Crean - Fear San Oighear Eachtrai Eireannaigh San Antartach by Michael Smith


Tom Crean - Fear San Oighear Eachtrai Eireannaigh San Antartach by Michael Smith

Ba dhuine as an ghnath e Tom Crean. Cuireann sceal spreaguil a chuid imeachtai san Antartach an leitheoir ar bior, go hairithe an bealach inar thainig slan san angar eachtach. Shabhalfadh a chomradaithe ona mba i bhfarraigi fuara is dheanfadh roinnt eile a tharrthail sa sneachta oighreata. Ae seo le linn do a chuid ceannairi a leanuint, an da thaistealai iomraiteacha chun an Mhoil, an Captaen Scott agus Ernest Shackelton. Arna chumadh ag an te a scriobh beathaisneis Crean, an saothar mor-rachairt An Unsung Hero. Fagfar an lucht leite og faoi dhraiocht ag an chrogacht, ag an neart agus ag an diongbhailteacht ata le brath san insint seo.


'An exciting story that's all the more powerful for being true.'

'Fascinating true story of an Irish adventurer.'

'An ideal book for children.'

... offers the teacher many opportunities for cross-curricular integration in SESE history and geography, art and drama

About the Author

Is e Michael Smith a scriobh beathaisneis mhor-rachairt Tom Crean, An Unsung Hero. I measc a chuid leabhar eile ta I am Just Going Outside, sceal bheatha an Chaptaen Oates (2002) agus Polar Crusader faoi Sir James Wordie (2004). Ta saothair do phaisti i gclo aige, ar diobh Shackleton: The Boss. Bionn ag solathar do chlaracha teilifise is raidio agus tugann leachtai ar stair an Mhoil. Bhi Michael ina iriseoir gno agus polaitiochta trath le The Guardian agus The Observer.

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128 pages
Interest Age: 7-12 years


Michael Smith
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The Collins Press

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31st July 2009



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