Sisterhood of the Spectrum An Asperger Chick's Guide to Life by Jennifer Cook O'Toole

Sisterhood of the Spectrum An Asperger Chick's Guide to Life

Written by Jennifer Cook O'Toole
Illustrated by Anne-Louise Richards


Sisterhood of the Spectrum An Asperger Chick's Guide to Life by Jennifer Cook O'Toole

Spectrum gals, ever wished you had a handbook to help navigate the confusing world of teenage girlhood? Look no further! Aspie-in-the-know, Jennifer Cook O'Toole provides just that with her inspirational guide to life for teenage girls with Asperger syndrome. Drawing on her own, real-life experiences rather than preaching from textbooks, she covers everything you need (and want!) to know, from body shapes and love interests to bullying, friendships and how to discover and celebrate your unique, beautiful self. With illustrations by an Aspie teen and inspirational quotes from well-known, female Aspie voices, including Temple Grandin, Rudy Simone, Robyn Steward, and Haley Moss, Sisterhood of the Spectrum is your perfect companion on the yellow brick road to womanhood. It will leave you empowered, informed and excited to be different.


As a psychologist specializing in working with females with ASD, I am truly privileged to see sparks of great beauty daily; the girls and young women I meet and work with amaze me with their caring, their talents, and their resilience. And yet too often they do not see it themselves. O'Toole's Sisterhood is an 'at last

- a safe invitation for every young woman to read and journey through while getting to know herself. For any girl on the spectrum who has felt alone, like she is the only one, Sisterhood is a chance for her to crack open her heart and let a small voice whisper - 'that's like me.

! -- Shana Nichols, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Owner, Director and Researcher, ASPIRE Center for Learning and Development I picked up this book, and could literally not put it down until I had read it through. As a developmental pediatrician, I frequently identify children with autism and address their needs. I am relieved to find such an engaging resource specifically geared towards the population of girls becoming women. Jennifer O'Toole has created a witty, insightful, and memorable guide to the workings of the young female mind. No clinician, parent, or young woman affected by autism should be without this book. -- Wendy J. Ross, MD, CNN Hero, FAAP Director, Center for Pediatric Development, and Founder, Autism Inclusion Resources I have been deeply moved by the meaning Jennifer gives to what I thought were my everyday experiences and it is my belief that though the primary audience of this book may be girls on the spectrum, others will find great value in the words, findings, and experiences of the vibrant Jennifer Cook O'Toole. Because no matter if we fall within the spectrum, are navigating the cusp, or we find ourselves elsewhere, aren't we all wired just a little bit differently? -- Amy Serrano, Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year, Internationally-Celebrated Filmmaker, Writer & Humanitarian Sisterhood of the Spectrum is a smart, cheeky, authentically unique read for ALL girls. Just like she does in her other Asperkids books, Jennifer entertains and inspires and makes the reader feel as if she is talking just to them... because she is! The numerous empowering messages throughout the book such as, 'A candle doesn't lose its flame when it lights another candle

! If you have a tween/teen or young adult daughter, granddaughter, sister or friend you will want them to read this book. -- Zoom Autism magazine Sisterhood of the Spectrum is over-the-top awesome in every way. There were times it actually made me cry with its dead-on description of the truth. Simply by inviting spectrum girls to connect with their own sisterhood, it makes a huge contribution, and that's just the beginning. With humor, directness, wisdom and honesty, this book packs spectrum girls

't put it down and can't wait to buy it for myself and share it with every clinician and every family and every girl I know who's part of this powerful and gifted community. As a psychologist with the honor and privilege of working with Aspie girls, I am deeply grateful to Jennifer Cook O'Toole for this treasure of a guidebook. -- Carol Moog, PhD, co-author of The Autism Playbook for Teens, psychologist, The Miquon School and in private practice Author Jennifer Cook O'Toole shares her own experiences as a woman on the spectrum and has used each memory (which she relates with zingy humour and brash honesty) to illustrate the pain and pitfalls of being misunderstood as a girl and later as a young woman...her captivating stories have been cherry-picked to illustrate common difficulties experienced by spectrum girls. Jennifer's handbook shows her readers everything they need to know to shore up their own confidence, social awareness and personal resilience...the author's buddy-like tone is really engaging; she's the wise big sister you'll keep returning to for advice and support...this is the holy grail for girls on the spectrum. I'm not kidding, either. -- Debby Elley * AuKids Magazine *'

About the Author

Jennifer Cook O'Toole is the creator of The Awesomeness Foundation & Asperkids LLC, and is author of the internationally best-selling Asperkids book series (2012-15). Jennifer has been recognized as one of the World's Top Aspie Mentors, is the winner of the Temple Grandin Global Contribution Award, has advised the President's Council at the White House, addressed Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex in England, and was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in NC. Jennifer keynotes around the globe, is the mom of three (awesome) Asperkids, and proudly, is an Aspie, herself. She lives near Charlotte, North Carolina.

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240 pages


Jennifer Cook O'Toole
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Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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21st April 2015



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