My Parent Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder A Workbook for Children and Teens by Barbara R. Lester

My Parent Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder A Workbook for Children and Teens

Written by Barbara R. Lester
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My Parent Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder A Workbook for Children and Teens by Barbara R. Lester

Growing up with a parent on the autism spectrum can be difficult, and children and teens may struggle to understand why their parent is different from others. It can be equally difficult for parents with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to explain their unique set of strengths and challenges to their child in a sensitive and positive manner, and any adult faced with this situation will be in need of a helping hand. This supportive workbook has been designed with precisely this purpose in mind. In child-friendly language, the author describes the common characteristics of ASD, and encourages children to think about how the world might look from their parent's perspective. Topics covered include social and emotional difficulties, communication differences, sensory issues, body language, special interests, and how the child might go about explaining their parent's differences to other children, taking into account that some parents may not wish for their diagnosis to be known beyond the family. Each chapter concludes with a worksheet for the parent and child to complete together, helping them to understand each other better and to develop strategies together for dealing with particular areas of difficulty. This workbook is an essential tool for any family with a parent on the autism spectrum, and is suitable for children and teens of all ages, whether or not they are on the autism spectrum. It will also be a useful resource for professionals who work with such families.


The book is written in an easy relaxed style suitable for all. It is honest, respectful and informative and when reading it I felt like I was on a journey of understanding with the writer. -- Association for Social Workers in Aotearoa New Zealand This extremely useful addition to the literature of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is child friendly and sensitively written in a way that fosters open curiosity and both acceptance of, and respect for, differences. The book is easy to read and user friendly, with worksheets for children and parents to do together as part of shared process of learning about each other, and how ASFD may affect families and individuals within them. The clear emphasis on problem-solving and jointly finding solutions to difficulties that may arise out of ASD related differences, give it a positive solution orientated feel... this book may serve as a useful learning process for adults and children alike. -- Youth in Mind This is an excellent book. The style is simple and engaging. The author has a comprehensive grasp of the theory behind ASDs. Her first-hand knowledge shines through, but she avoids assuming her experiences are universal. She is realistic that ASDs can evoke negative emotions... Early on, the author states, I'm writing this book to my younger self - I could have used the advice back when I was growing up I echo this sentiment... I hope to see more books like this available in the future. -- Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international an excellent tool for children and teens. It offers a unique perspective which is specifically for the child who has a parent with an ASD. Using kid-friendly language, it serves dual purposes as both an instructional guide and workbook...This book concludes each chapter with a worksheet to be completed by the family together to promote discussion and a better understanding of each other while developing skills for tackling challenges that ASD might present... My Parent Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder is a helpful tool for families with a parent on the autism spectrum... highly recommend this book not only for families who experience this topic, but also as a resource for professionals who work with these families. -- Our Journey Thru Autism This is a very simple, neat little book that has the potential to benefit many individuals and families in understanding autistic spectrum disorder... Children and teenagers may struggle to comprehend the world of their parent with an autistic spectrum disorder... this book may well help them in that understanding. There are some good tips for both children and parents alike. Professionals with a limited understanding would do well to read through the book. -- Mental Health Nursing The book is written in an easy relaxed style suitable for all... This book is a practical hands-on workbook for children, teens and their families. It is recommended for children and teens with a parent who has ASD although no specific age range is given. It is a useful book for parents to explore with a younger child to prompt discussion and explore possible worries, concerns or experiences and to aid understanding of their ASD parent. Older children, teens and young adults would also find the book most helpful for gaining understanding, insight and for problem solving. Equally I think this book would be a useful tool for children and teens themselves who have ASD. There are worksheets primarily designed for families to complete together (often just a few pertinent questions) at the end of each chapter. The worksheets are fantastic and would significantly aid individual parent-child relationships through greater understanding and communication. They would also assist the whole family as they are individually encouraged to share their experience of ASD, how they see the world and identify where their differences lie...It will be a useful tool for those who have a parent (or other family member) with ASD or who experience ASD themselves. -- Wendy Fraser, Clinical Social Worker, CAFMHS, Palmerston North Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work

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Barbara R. Lester is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been a practising psychotherapist for twenty-five years, and works primarily with children, adolescents and their families. She provides parenting classes, social skills groups and individual and family counseling to families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her father, now aged eighty-eight, is on the autistic spectrum, giving her both a personal and professional outlook on issues related to ASDs. Barbara resides in South Jordan, Utah. Her website can be found at

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Barbara R. Lester
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