Puppy Training for Kids by Sarah Whitehead, Jane Burton


Puppy Training for Kids by Sarah Whitehead, Jane Burton

Children and puppies can share a special bond as they grow up and learn about the world around them together. As with humans, the adult that a puppy grows into will largely be a reflection of the care and attention it receives when young. Written in an informative yet easy-to-understand style especially for children, this book should benefit both puppy and child. It explains how a puppy works, what a puppy needs, and how to teach your new pet house manners. Up-to-date sections detail training and behaviour techniques, and advise on how children should play with their puppy. Carefully designed panels give extra information and offer parental advise where it may be required for a safe and enjoyable relationship between child and puppy.

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96 pages


Sarah Whitehead, Jane Burton
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Kenilworth Press Ltd an imprint of Quiller Publishing Ltd

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30th January 2003



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