Latin Prep A Textbook for Common Entrance by Theo Zinn


Latin Prep A Textbook for Common Entrance by Theo Zinn

This title is suitable for pupils in their first year of Latin (Year 5 upwards) and introduces students to the challenge of Common Entrance Latin. The presentation is clear and colourful, whilst maintaining the rigour required for Common Entrance Latin. Clear explanation is followed by comprehensive practice exercises to ensure pupils gain the strong understanding of Latin required for examination success. - Endorsed by ISEB - The series is endorsed by the ISEB and covers Level 1 of the Latin Common Entrance syllabus - ideal for pupils preparing for Common Entrance and entrance exams at 13+ - Verbs, grammar, declensions and pronunciation are covered throughout to ensure pupils become skilled and confident users of Latin The accompanying Answer book will save you time marking answers, while the Audio and Workbooks provide material for additional study.


Latin Prep is the best Latin program for my family. The humour is perfect. The grammar is just enough. The exercises can be silly which makes it fun for the children and takes away the mundane of other programs. As you can see I cannot recommend Latin Prep enough. Patricia Tobar-Jackson, Home Schooler, USA I'm using Latin Prep Book I with my two boys, ages 10 and 12, and we're loving it. We've used other programs before this, but Latin Prep is the most fun while also the most rigorous of the Latin series we've tried. I had six years of Latin in junior and high school, and am so excited to re-learn it with my kids. Laura, Home Schooler, USA After years of frustration with the Cambridge Latin Course, how great at last to use a course that isn't ashamed to get its teeth into the grammar early. Bright children are reassured by grammar rules, don't mind reciting puella and rego from the word go, and like to know that they're going somewhere. The vast majority of my classes look like they will be sticking with Latin to GCSE and I'm sure it's because they know how much solid ground they have covered in so short a time. The Latin Prep books are ideal to pin the learning around, they pace the work well, and they don't patronise, or shirk the tricky bits! Kristian Waite, Caterham School What prep schools have been waiting for! This is an introduction to Latin embracing the tried and trusted rigour of Wilding - and all carefully tailored for today's child and today's Common Entrance syllabus. James Piper, The Dragon School, Oxford

About the Author

Theo Zinn was educated at Charterhouse and New College, Oxford. He was for over twenty years the Head of Classics at Westminster School, during which time he revived and directed the Westminster Latin Play, a national institution commanding respect across the world. He now lives in Godalming and continues to teach from an awesome repository of knowledge about the Classical languages which he has loved, and taught others to love, for so many years.

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128 pages


Theo Zinn
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Galore Park Publishing Ltd an imprint of Hodder Education

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2nd June 2006



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