Beowuff and the Horrid Hen by Professor Burns-Longship

Beowuff and the Horrid Hen

Written by Professor Burns-Longship
Illustrated by
Part of the Beowuff Saga Series

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Beowuff and the Horrid Hen by Professor Burns-Longship

Viking dog Beowuff is all bark and no bite, a disgrace to the memory of his fierce ancestors. Banished from his homeland (for helping enemy raiders loot his chief's bone hoard) he finds himself shipwrecked on a troubled island. Its King needs a champion. His Great Feasting Kennel is under attack from the hideous Hendel -- an evil chicken of monstrous proportions. Can Beowuff the Unbold save the day? The first episode of an ancient saga for ages 6+


... and if you believe that is the author's real name, you'll believe anything! Beowuff is a disgrace to his illustrious ancestors - he is all bark and no bite! Banished from his home, can he redeem himself by saving the King's Great Feasting Kennel from... a chicken? The first in a new series for readers of 7+ - although young readers would appreciate some illustrations, so I would recommend this for slightly older readers. It would be great fun to read aloud and share with a class. Parents in Touch It was surely only a matter of time before the creator of the witty and popular Spartapuss series of adventures, set in a feline-focused version of ancient Rome, found another historical direction to explore with his tireless punnery and scholarly attention to detail. Beowuff is a hilarious reimagining of one of the earliest recorded poems in Old English, combining shamelessly silly wordplay (for example, our furry and fallible hero must defeat Hendel, an evil, giant chicken) with authentically Anglo-Saxon literary language and conceits. Teach Primary I read the book Beowuff... It is set in the past at the time of the Vikings, and based on the real saga of the brave hero Beowulf. This book is about a Viking dog called Beowuff. The story starts with Beowuff telling tales of his adventures. He pretends to be a great hero, but really he is a big coward and a good liar, who can talk his way out of trouble! My favourite part was when Beowuff tricked King Ruffgar into giving him gold, meat and meat-mead for bait to catch and kill Hendel the Hen (the evil chicken who had been attacking the King's people). But really Beowuff was planning to run away with the gold and feast upon the food himself. I think it is a fantastic book for young people who want to enjoy a funny historical story. I would give it 9 / 10. -- Emily (aged 9) Young Archaeologists Club

About the Author

Professor Burns-Longship BA. MA. MoKC speaks five languages (three of them 'dead' and one on its last legs). Despite his widely reported spat with Dr Sven Smugaxe of the Stockholm Institute of Vikingology, Professor Burns-Longship is still generally acknowledged to be the world's leading authority on Viking dogs. He lives and works in the charming village of Wuffton-Basset, although his field-trips take him everywhere from Oxford to Oslo. When not translating Beowuff sagas, he writes for The Village Blog.

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144 pages
Interest Age: From 7 To 10


Professor Burns-Longship
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1st October 2011



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