Kangaroo Kisses by Nandana Dev Sen


Kangaroo Kisses by Nandana Dev Sen

It's time for...bed! Not yet! Elephant must floss, to make his teeth gloss! Then I'll brush furry bear. Please brush your own hair! Follow one mischievous child as she delays getting ready for bed, and has some amazing wildlife encounters along the way!


The illustrations are colorful and adorable, while the actual story expertly combines reality with fantasy. Quill says: A true bedtime story, this is one that should become a staple for all parents and children to enjoy. Feathered Quill Book Review A very sweet bedtime story that sparks the imagination and delights both parents and children alike. This would be a great book to add into your nightime line up. Mrs Mommy Booknerd's Review This is a very sweet book. Even though it is perfect for very young children (preschool or Kindergarten), my second graders loved it! The illustrations by Pippa Curnick are very kid-friendly and striking. I can't wait to read it to my grandsons! The Friendly Book Nook 'Smiles and wild creatures abound in this playful mother-child bedtime routine.Each of mom's friendly suggestions to get a move on is met with a NOT YET! and a delaying protest: I'm learning to fly, / with geese in the sky! and If I tickle giraffe, / She'll giggle and laugh! and Monkey needs a squeeze... / she sleeps in those trees! Sen takes the drama out of the nightly ritual by making it more a game than a contest of wills. So does Curnick, with smiles all round on human and animal faces alike. The brown skins of the bright-eyed parent and child suggest South Asian heritage, and the bedroom, bath, and clothing in the domestic scenes that alternate with imagined outdoor ones in the painted illustrations are Western in style and appearance. Readers can track the child's reluctant bedtime progress in the illustrations, as gradually red overalls are shed in favor of blue-striped pajamas and bunny slippers in both real-life and imagined scenes. One last try- I will kiss kangaroo! -gets a firm parental veto with NO, now I'll kiss you! and a final tuck-in: And I love you too! / Night-night! A warm and spirited invitation to dreamland.

. 4-6) Kirkus Reviews Reading aloud well, the rhymes jump off the page as listeners join in and enjoy the illustrations. The illustrations match this bedtime scenario perfectly and further reads will reveal the skills of Curnick, winner of the Seven Stories Illustration Competition in 2012. Books for Keeps The scenario is familiar to most parents and grandparents and this will make a great bedtime read, as well as being a good choice to read to small groups at a story time. Armadillo A charming bedtime story in verse that's easy to read and easy to share, with lots of lively and colourful animal illustrations on every page. Book Trust Children and parents alike may well recognise the scenario of this delightful bedtime story, in which a mother nudges her daughter to get ready for bed, while the little girl protests that she can't, 'Not yet!', at every stage of the process...a great readaloud! And the illustrations are a joy too...one of those book that it is easy to take for granted because it is so well crafted that it requires no particular effort to make it into a great shared readaloud experience. It is one of the first set of titles for new publisher Otter-Barry Books, who officially launched last week - an exciting development in UK children's publishing. Taking Kangaroo Kisses as an example, we can certainly look forward to some wonderful books that encompass diversity and promote empathy - and that children will want to have read to them again and again.

About the Author

Nandana Dev Sen is an acclaimed international film actress, Indian writer and child rights activist. She is a Smile Ambassador for the global children's NGO Operation Smile, UNICEF India's National Celebrity for Child Protection and against Gender Based Violence and Cause Ambassador for RAHI (India's first organization to break the silence about child sexual abuse). She is also a screenwriter and frequently contributes articles to newspapers and journals. Kangaroo Kisses is Nandana Sen's debut children's book. Nandana lives in London, New York and Kolkata, India. Pippa Curnick was winner of the Seven Stories Illustration Competition in 2012. She has worked as a designer for Alison Green Books and is now a freelance designer and illustrator. She enjoys using hand drawn textures and typography and her work is greatly inspired by nature. Pippa lives in Measham, Derbyshire.

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Nandana Dev Sen
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1st May 2016



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