Food 25 Amazing Projects Investigate the History and Science of What We Eat by Kathleen M. Reilly


Food 25 Amazing Projects Investigate the History and Science of What We Eat by Kathleen M. Reilly

From the minute life begins, food makes you strong, helps you grow, and gives you energy. But do you take that ham sandwich for granted? You might not give a lot of thought to where your food comes from, how it got to you, what's really in it, or what it does for you. Food: 25 Amazing Projects Investigate the History and Science of What We Eat gives kids some food for thought as they dive into exciting projects about the incredible world of food. Kids will have fun learning about all aspects of food in our daily lives--how vegetarians balance their diet, how some cultures rose and fell based on a single food source, the route from farm to market, how eating locally makes an impact, and much more.


Calliope Magazine A great complement to this issue of CALLIOPE. In addition to the engaging activities, there are fact-filled sidebars, interesting did-you-know boxes, pertinent vocabulary lists, and much more! National Science Association (NSTA) Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in our society. Part of the problem is a lack of knowledge about the food we eat. Using this book is a fun way for young readers to learn more about food and nutrition by completing hands-on projects. Each of 13 chapters contains numerous diagrams and illustrations. There are many sidebars with words to know, did you know facts, lists of supplies for projects, and other information. A glossary, list of resources, and subject index complete the package. Readers will be interested to learn that Chile powder was added to a recipe for ancient hot chocolate (from Mexico); the word coconut comes from the word cocho, which means ghost or boogeyman; and in Cambodia, people eat deep-fried tarantulas. Projects include making a model of the flooding Nile river or a classroom garden. These components provide starting points for multicultural or integrated lessons. Children will enjoy doing these projects, which are described in complete detail, and learning useful facts about nutrition. The book also includes some safety tips (such as not eating out of a home-made clay pot). Our society needs to do something to improve nutrition, and this book is a step in the right direction. Its integrated approach will be appreciated by elementary or middle school teachers. The topics are also ideal for projects that involve parents or community volunteers. Children's Literature One of 20 books in the Build It Yourself series, this edition discusses the history and culture of food in an interesting workbook-like format. Following a brief introduction, the thirteen chapters include lively, but brief discussions about the origins of food consumption; farming, past and present, food and cultures; how different foods traveled around the world; food packaging; food safety, traditions and celebrations; food across time; nutrition; herbivore carnivores and omnivores; backyard eating; strange edibles and the future of food. Each chapter includes at least one hands--on activity with a list of supplies and directions, a glossary of words to know, a boxed Did You Know section as well as the discussions in an appealing format. Occasional black and white drawings add interest. A combined glossary, list of further resources and an index are included at the end of the book. It's a thorough introduction into the world of food for beginners. With obesity in young people on the rise, they need all the information possible to make wise food choices. This book is perfect to get them thinking about the subject.

John Turennee President Sustainable Food Systems LLC Like a mouth-watering plate full of delicious, healthy, sustainable food, Amazing Food Projects is sure to stimulate children's appetites for learning about the importance of what they eat. Nutritional, economic, environmental and social aspects are presented in a fun and imaginative manner. What a wonderful way to teach kids about the sustainability issues around food!

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Kathleen Reilly has written several books for Nomad Press, including Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself; The Human Body: 25 Fantastic Projects Illuminate How the Body Works; Explore Weather and Climate! with 25 Projects; and Natural Disasters: Investigate Earth's Most Destructive Forces with 25 Projects. She is an award-winning author of several other science books for kids and is a contributor to dozens of publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Family Fun, National Geographic Kids, and Parents. Kate lives in Raleigh, NC. Farah Rizvi is a graphic designer and an illustrator. She moved to the United States in 2000 and received her bachelor's degree in graphic design with a concentration in French from Colby-Sawyer College.

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