Surgical thoracoscopy by A. Wakabayashi

Surgical thoracoscopy

Written by A. Wakabayashi
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Surgical thoracoscopy by A. Wakabayashi

Minimally invasive surgical techniques have the minimally invasive procedure allow for made a significant impact in lowering morbidity modifications in anesthetic technique. The and mortality and in changing the indications basics of this endeavor are well covered in this for operative surgery in the abdomen. Only section. recently have these minimally invasive tech- The basic techniques of thoracoscopic surgery niques been applied to the diseases of the tho- were developed in various diagnostic maneu- rax. The standard posterior lateral thoracotomy vers. It was this initial diagnostic application of infamous for its post-operative pain and atten- thoracoscopy which allowed these techniques to dant complications, is already being replaced in be developed and further therapeutic applica- a large number of situations by minimally inva- tions to be forwarded. This text nicely illustrates sive thoracoscopic techniques. current diagnostic techniques and their applica- This text by Gossot, Kleinmann and Levi pro- tion. vides basic information required for surgeons In addition, the most commonly applied thera- interested in approaching the most common peutic procedures in the pleura, lung and eso- phagus are well covered as are their indications diseases in the chest utilizing thoracoscopic techniques. The text is a well organized attempt and potential complications.

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A. Wakabayashi
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5th February 2012



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