Survivors 3-Book Collection by Erin Hunter

Survivors 3-Book Collection

Erin Hunter


Survivors 3-Book Collection by Erin Hunter

The time has come for dogs to rule the wild. The collection includes the first three books in this thrilling New York Times bestselling series:Survivors #1: The Empty City: Lucky has always been a Lone Dog, but now he needs a Pack in order to stay alive. Relying on other dogs brings new dangers that Lucky isn't prepared for. Can Lucky ever be a true Pack Dog?Survivors #2: A Hidden Enemy: Bella and the Leashed Dogs have finally settled in the forest. But a fierce Pack of Wild Dogs has laid claim to the land, and their menacing Alpha will stop at nothing to ensure that it is his alone.Survivors #3: Darkness Falls: After an attack threatened both the Wild and Leashed Packs, Lucky knows that the dogs' only hope is to unite. For the first time since the Big Growl, Lucky is desperate to have other dogs by his side. But it might be too late. . . .

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Erin Hunter
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3rd June 2014




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