You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Follow Jesus by Mike Yaconelli

You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Follow Jesus

Mike Yaconelli


You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Follow Jesus by Mike Yaconelli

Discipleship means being like the Big Twelve disciples, right? But when you read the Gospels and Acts, it's clear the disciples weren't always on top of things. In fact, the disciples were clueless, selfish, erratic, inconsistent, and faithless at least half the time. But Jesus loved them and used them all the more for it. Author Mike Yaconelli scrubs away centuries of sentimental buildup and shows there's hope for us too. In this updated thirty-day devotional, you'll experience thirty character traits that are marks of a disciple, from boldness to weakness to preparedness. Each reading includes an event from Scripture, a description of that day's trait, first-person commentary, the obvious and not-so-obvious truth lesson, and questions and journaling space that invite you to ponder and write about your experience.Common Core Standards:CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9-10.1 and 11-12.1CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9-10.2 and 11-12.2

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28th January 2014




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