Crafts from Your Favorite Fairy Tales by Kathy Ross

Crafts from Your Favorite Fairy Tales

Kathy Ross


Crafts from Your Favorite Fairy Tales by Kathy Ross

The make-believe world of fairy tales comes to life with just some scissors and paste and a few household items. For a dramatic accompaniment to the retelling of your favorite tale, make the ugly duckling that changes into a swan, the Beast that turns back into a Prince, or even the Sleeping Beauty puppet that opens her eyes for the first time in a hundred years. You can make up a charming bed for the seven dwarfs from an egg carton or a beautiful gingerbread house from an ordinary lunchbag. You can do a model of Rapunzel letting down her hair or of Jack climbing up the beanstalk. Illustrated step-by-step instructions will provide hours and hours of rewarding creative activity.

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Kathy Ross
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Lerner Publishing Group Millbrook Press

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1st August 2012




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