Meditation: The Cool Way to Calm by John Selby

Meditation: The Cool Way to Calm

John Selby


Meditation: The Cool Way to Calm by John Selby

Young adults in high school and college are under a great deal of stress and suffer regularly and acutely from emotional turmoil. This negatively influences their performance academically, their social relationships, their health, and their sense of satisfaction in life. Mindfulness meditation has been proven in over a hundred scientific papers to successfully reduce stress and emotional suffering, to clear the mind, and help in successful relationship building. Mindfulness meditation is also a great help in reducing stress and boosting wellness, mental alertness, inner calm and clarity.Meditation: The Cool Way to Calm is written specifically for young adults, offering a short-form way to use meditation to improve both emotional, physical, and mental health and performance. Using short Focus Phrases to point attention immediately in highly-rewarding inner directions, this meditation practice can rapidly help teenagers to get control of their emotions, focus their attention in rewarding directions, and achieve their goals more readily. Perhaps most important, using this short daily meditation program helps young people feel more confident and attractive, and liberates them from negative mood swings so that they can relate better, and succeed at higher levels

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23rd July 2012




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