Matisse the Cat by Amanda Walsh

Matisse the Cat

Amanda Walsh


Matisse the Cat by Amanda Walsh

Outside it's a cloudy and dull day. Hugh gives Matisse a big, BIG hug before he leaves for school. Matisse passes a door in the hallway when his whiskers begin to tickle. The little tickle makes him giggle. The more it tickles the more he giggles. Suddenly, Matisse finds himself in the basement with Sid the spider, Lilly the mouse, Barry the bat and a very grumpy ghost. Grumpy doesn't like living in the basement. There is nobody to say woohoooooo to. Take a journey with Matisse and his friends as they search for a perfect newhome for Grumpy the Ghost. Some doors open and some stay firmly closed. Some residents say "e;Come in"e; and some say "e;Go away, go away, go away."e;Who will finally welcome the tiny ghost into their home?

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Amanda Walsh
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Tickly Whiskers Publishing

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1st July 2013




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