Fifty Years of Flicking Football 1946-1996 by Richard Payne

Fifty Years of Flicking Football 1946-1996

Richard Payne


Fifty Years of Flicking Football 1946-1996 by Richard Payne

After many years of playing Subbuteo, Richard set about tracing the full story of the game. He was fortunate in being introduced to the inventor, the Late Peter Adolph, and after many interviews they became good friends. Peter, tried to register his name for the game as,'The Hobby', but this was refused, therefore with typical ingenuity he relied on his ornithological interests, and transposed the name of the 'Hobby Hawk' (bird) to its Latin form - 'Falco Subbuteo Subbuteo'! The game has always attracted a worldwide interest, from youngsters and often contnuing into their adult life; several football personalities recall their experiences in the book, including ex-England Manager Graham Taylor, Neil Warnock and Dave Bassett. Over the years Subbuteo was also developed into other sports (some successful and some not) amongst them Rugby, Cricket and Speedway. The book tells the full story, in words and many illustrations, from the earliest days (sets first being assembled at home) when Adolph's first single advert sold a staggering 20,000 sets, to the present, still known and sold worldwide and marketed by an international games company.

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