Great Galomp by Robert W. Boyle

Great Galomp

Robert W. Boyle


Great Galomp by Robert W. Boyle

"e;Just North of South, near the Big Rainy Drouth, I can't quite remember just where..."e; Thus begins this charming story of budding love against a backdrop of beauty and peril. Told in rhyme, the tale of The Great Galomp is a clever, simple solution to life-threatening danger that will appeal to a broad age range and leaves everyone happy and safe ever after. An exciting tale to read aloud!Author R. W. "e;Doc"e; Boyle weaves this rhyming nautical tale across the beautiful blue sea to the exotic land of Nee and a meeting with a legendary mythical monster who is a known danger to all who come near. Sailor Jack's clever, sweet solution to the problem saves Serena and her father's ship... but then what? This children's book is beautifully illustrated in rich full color with original watercolors by Colorado artist Dolores Wilson; book design by Caroline Metzler, Coyote Creative Graphic & Web Design.

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Robert W. Boyle
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1st May 2011




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