Anne of the Fens by Gretchen Gibbs

Anne of the Fens

Gretchen Gibbs


Anne of the Fens by Gretchen Gibbs

Should Anne risk arrest and scandal to help a fugitive escape? Her decision will change her life.In 1628, with England torn by conflict, fifteen-year old Anne Dudley helps a rebel escape from Tattershall Castle through the watery fens. Pursued by the sheriff and his men, who view her Puritan family as traitors to the king, Anne risks more than the loss of her reputation as the daughter of the earl's steward - she also risks death. Set in a period when women and men were burned or hanged for their religion, the novel tells the story of a girl who must cope with a woman's feelings while she struggles with romantic turmoil, political danger, and doubts about her own beliefs. When she takes up her pen, we glimpse the grown Anne Dudley Bradstreet, whose Colonial writings are still loved and honored today.From a talented new voice in historical fiction, Gretchen Gibbs' Anne of the Fens joins The Book of Maggie Bradstreet in The Bradstreet Chronicles. Records about the author's well-known ancestors give birth to her stories. Read the series-enriched by the historical content in each book's back pages-in any order.

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30th April 2015




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