Tofi and the Rainbow Fish by Pusch Commey

Tofi and the Rainbow Fish

Pusch Commey


Tofi and the Rainbow Fish by Pusch Commey

Nii, a young boy from the west coast of Africa, stows away on a ship to look for the American Dream. He is thrown away to sharks for breakfast because he does not look like the crew. Protected by a mysterious rainbow fish, he washes up on the shores of the south coast of the Zulu Kingdom. After a misunderstanding over language and culture, he is accepted into the cattle herding community. He teaches them to fish because "e; sea never dry."e; They teach him about cows because "e; cattle is wealth."e; One day the rains fail to fall, the grass withers, the cows die. But like true love, the "e;sea never dry."e;

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Pusch Commey
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1st January 2012




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