Personal Power - Self-Esteem and Resilience by Dr Rosina McAlpine

Personal Power - Self-Esteem and Resilience

Dr Rosina McAlpine


Personal Power - Self-Esteem and Resilience by Dr Rosina McAlpine

Peer pressure, bullying, drugs, obesity and family issues are an unfortunate reality for many of our children. Too often, our kids have low self-esteem and give up at the first challenge that slows them down.This book gives parents, teachers and carers the knowledge, skills and resources to help children develop the life skills they need to have healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude. These are two essential ingredients if they are to fly through life with the ability to overcome challenges and navigate life safely.Designed to be used in just 15 minutes at a time, this book includes 12 step-by-step life skill activities that build a strong foundation for your child's future life success.The most successful people in the world have the courage to dream big and the persistence and personal power to make their dreams come true. They don't let fear or negative emotions stand in their way.As a parent you are perfectly positioned to help your child have the personal power to, make and keep good friends, do well at school, respect and bond with their family and overcome challenges so they can live a long, happy and healthy life. Give them tools and strategies to manage their emotions like anger, jealousy and sadness.Help your kids develop good self-esteem so they can say NO to peer pressure and do the right thing. Help your child feel strong and say NO to crime, sex, alcohol or drugs. Children with low self-esteem often follow negative peer pressure, get bullied, behave defensively and feel insecure, which often results in all kinds of negative behaviour.Use this book to ensure your child feels empowered in him or herself, rather than easily influenced to do the wrong thing to be liked or to please others.This book is written with the busy parent in mind. Each life skill activity can be completed in just 15 minutes at a time. Give your child a positive attitude, good self-esteem and the skills they need to do well at home, at school and for life!Support your child to develop good self-esteem, courage to face life's challenges, & strategies to manage tough emotions so they can live life with a positive can-do attitude. The 12 life skill activities give parents, teachers & carers the knowledge, skills & resources to help children develop personal power life skills in just 15 minutes at a time.

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16th December 2014




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