Environment and Social Understanding by Dr Rosina McAlpine

Environment and Social Understanding

Dr Rosina McAlpine


Environment and Social Understanding by Dr Rosina McAlpine

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow so we need to help them increase their social awareness, ethical development & environmental understanding. To sustain our planet & to improve the quality of life for all, we need to take care of people, animals & their environments. To help your children make a positive contribution, they need to be aware of the consequences of their own & other's actions. These 15 minute activities support children's social awareness, ethical development & environmental understanding.It is every parent's wish for their child to grow up happy, healthy & inspired so they can lead a meaningful & fulfilling life. Today's children are very interested in the environment & in a recent study they ranked environmental issues ahead of science, history, IT & art, & only slightly behind English & maths. Children who understand what it means to be environmentally & socially responsible will be able to act ethically in the face of life's many challenges. Empowering children with social and environmental awareness will ensure they make a positive contribution to our world not just part of a family, but as contributing members of community & proactive global citizens. Most children live in societies that are diverse in terms of gender, culture & social status. Children with an awakened social consciousness are more likely to interact responsibly & sensitivity by being empathetic towards others regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, class, or sexual identity. Your children make numerous choices every day & you won't always be there to guide them, so help them develop the ability to act responsibly & navigate life successfully. The activities in this Inspired Children Home Activity Book support your children to develop the skills they need to act ethically & increase their understanding of the many facets of sustainability. For humans, sustainability is about maintaining long-term wellbeing, which has environmental, economic & social aspects.As tomorrow's leaders, our children's social awareness, ethical development & environmental understanding will have a huge impact on their lives & the lives of others. The 15 minute activities help your child understand the environmental & social consequences of their own actions & be proactive members of a family, community & as global citizens.

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