Wizard Pickles by Chuck Whelon

Wizard Pickles

Chuck Whelon


Wizard Pickles by Chuck Whelon

Wizard Pickles is an amazing puzzle book for all ages. It has everything from simple searches that even the very young can do, to complex logic problems that will baffle older readers for hours of mystery-solving fun. This expanded, archival hardcover edition is perfect for the discerning picture puzzle connoisseur.Aunt Wilma's lost her magic wand! Now it's up YOU to help young Mazie Pickles track it down, before the pesky critters who stole it cause any more mischief!On your quest, you'll travel through a mysterious forest, visit a castle, escape a dungeon, and even ride a dragon. Yes, you'll get into all kinds of crazy pickles as you explore every inch of this richly-detailed, comic fantasy world.Wizard Pickles contains a multitude of perplexing problems for all ages, from simple search and find activities to muddling mazes, cryptic codes, and complex logic problems that will keep you baffled for many hours of puzzling fun!!!

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Chuck Whelon
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26th October 2015




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