Surviving Natural Disasters by Patrick Wilson

Surviving Natural Disasters

Patrick Wilson


Surviving Natural Disasters by Patrick Wilson

Many people experience a natural disaster at some point in their lives. Whether it's a tornado powerful enough to tear a building apart or a wildfire destroying an entire forest in a matter of hours, it's important to know how to survive in these situations. Regardless of what kind of natural disaster you might encounter, you need to be prepared. Learn some of the ways in which elite soldiers around the world deal with these terrifying events. Discover how to tell when certain disasters are about to strike, as well as how to respond during and after the disaster. This includes: *; what to do when a tidal wave is approaching. *; how to prepare your home for floodwaters. *; what to do if a forest fire traps you. *; how to shield yourself from massive lava bombs released by volcanoes. *; how to survive mudslides.

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3rd February 2015




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