Surviving the World's Extreme Regions by Chris McNab

Surviving the World's Extreme Regions

Chris McNab


Surviving the World's Extreme Regions by Chris McNab

The world's elite soldiers can survive in the worst of conditions, whether the extreme heat of the desert or the snowy summit of a mountain. These units are trained to be experts in warfare, but their training also gives them the knowledge to live in the planet's wildest places for weeks at a time. Learn the techniques the world's finest soldiers use to survive in harsh conditions around the globe. Discover a variety of tips for surviving in barren deserts and freezing tundra. Find out how elite troops cope with danger and deprivation. You will also learn: *; how to find water and food. *; how to build shelters. *; how to navigate. *; how to perform first aid. *; how to identify and avoid dangerous animals and insects.

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Chris McNab
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3rd February 2015




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