Discrimination & Prejudice by Autumn Libal

Discrimination & Prejudice

Autumn Libal


Discrimination & Prejudice by Autumn Libal

Around the world, many people face discrimination because of the shapes of their bodies, their weight, or the way they look. People who would never discriminate against others because of skin color or some physical challenge often think it's perfectly okay to judge others based on weight. Many of us don't think twice about judging other people's appearancebut most of us also know the pain of feeling bad about the way we look. Learn about the ways in which our culture discriminates against people who are overweight and obese. Discover the harmful effects of judgment and stigmatization when it comes to weight. Understand the myths that surround the causes and solutions for obesityand get to know the facts. Find out the true costs of body-hate!

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Autumn Libal
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17th November 2014




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