Ludwig van Beethoven by Anna Carew-Miller

Ludwig van Beethoven

Anna Carew-Miller


Ludwig van Beethoven by Anna Carew-Miller

A German composer born in the 1700s, Ludwig van Beethoven has given the world some of the most well-known and long-lasting music of all time. From his Fur Elise to his 9th Symphony (in which a choir sings words from the poem "e;Ode to Joy"e;), Beethoven's music is still loved, almost 200 years after his death. Amazingly, Beethoven composed music while being unable to hear almost anything from the time he was 26, a feat which makes his brilliant compositions all the more wonderful. Few musicians have had the incredible impact on music that Beethoven had. Learn the story of one of the most important musical composers of all time in Ludwig van Beethoven: Great Composer.

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21st October 2014




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