Substance-Related Disorders by Joyce Libal

Substance-Related Disorders

Joyce Libal


Substance-Related Disorders by Joyce Libal

Substance-related disorders are among the most prevalent of all mental disorders. They affect people in every part of society, and their consequences can be painful, traumatic, expensive, and even deadly. Furthermore, the negative consequences of substance-related disorders do not only affect the substance user; they touch the lives of the user's friends, family, coworkers, and other relations as well. From caffeine to alcohol, spray paint to cocaine, glue to nicotine, many different chemicals, both legal and illegal, can cause substance-related disorders. With so many substances available for use and misuse, how do you know which substances are addictive? Furthermore, why are they addictive, and what dangers do they pose? This book provides answers to many of these difficult questions. In addition to learning about addictive substances and substance abuse, you will learn about the treatments available for substance-related disorders and how some doctors are using medication to treat drug abuse. Take the first step toward understanding this all-too common category of mental disorders by reading Substance-Related Disorders.

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2nd September 2014




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