Growth & Development by Jean Ford

Growth & Development

Jean Ford


Growth & Development by Jean Ford

You're not a little kid anymore. When you look in the mirror, you probably see someone who is taller...bigger...with a face that looks more like an adult's than a child's. The changes you're experiencing on the insidein your mind and emotionsmay be even more intense than the ones everyone can see on the outside. Growth and development during adolescence involves every aspect of your identity. All these changes can be exciting...and scary. But these changes are entirely normal. This book will help you understand what's happening to you. Every adult has gone through the same intellectual, emotional, sexual, and social changes you're experiencing. Some people progress through these changes faster than others, some earlier, some later. Each teen is unique. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of growth and development, don't worryyou're right on schedule!

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2nd September 2014




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