Healthy Skin by Rae Simons

Healthy Skin

Rae Simons


Healthy Skin by Rae Simons

Guess what? The body you have now is the only one youll ever get. That means the same body you have now is the one youll have when youre thirtyand fiftyand seventy. If you want to keep your body well and strong for a long time, youll need to take care of itand keeping your skin healthy is an important way to protect yourself against infection, disease, and aging. Your skin is the interface between your body and the rest of the world. Its nerve endings bring you important messages; it protects your delicate internal organs; and it forms a barrier against harmful substances. Whats more, your skin performs functions that are essential to your entire health. And all the while, its right out there where everyone can see it. Short of hiding inside a big paper bag, theres not much you can do to keep the health of your skin a secret. This book will give you information you need to for your skin by practicing good hygiene that will guard your skin against diseases and infection. by protecting yourself from the suns damaging rays. by helping you cope with acne and other skin disorders. If you take care of your skin, youll be taking care of yourselffor the rest of your life!

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Rae Simons
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2nd September 2014




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