Suicide & Self-Destructive Behaviors by Joan Esherick

Suicide & Self-Destructive Behaviors

Joan Esherick


Suicide & Self-Destructive Behaviors by Joan Esherick

Sixteen-year-old Draven dresses like the un-dead. Thirteen-year-old Kristen slices her thighs. Fifteen-year-old Jamal rides BMX bikes in competition. What do these teens have in common? They are all taking risks. Though many teens seek independence and thrills through activities that can harm them, risk-taking in adolescence does not have to be self-destructive. This book takes an honest look at the five most self-destructive behaviors: substance abuse, risky sex, self-injury, eating disorders, and suicide. Causes, consequences, and treatment options are examined, and the final chapter provides healthy less-risky alternatives teens can take to accomplish their independence-seeking goals. Sidebars, easy-to-understand statistics, and real-life case studies make this an informative, interesting read for teens who seek to understand high-risk behaviors, their consequences, and how to avoid them.

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Joan Esherick
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2nd September 2014




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