Social Worker by Shirley Brinkerhoff

Social Worker

Shirley Brinkerhoff


Social Worker by Shirley Brinkerhoff

Find out what it takes to be a social worker with character... Social workers help children and adults identify their problems, decide on effective solutions, and find reliable resources. They do this in a variety of settings, including: *;Community centers; *;Settlement houses; *;Schools; *;Hospitals; *;Prisons; and *;Nursing homes. In order to enter the field of social work, a bachelor's degree is required, and many jobs require a master's as well. Academic knowledge alone is not enough, though. Because social workers enter their clients' lives in times of trouble, need or crisis, they need to possess all the qualities of a good character. Clients need a worker who is trustworthy, compassionate, and fair; one who is responsible in his or her work, and who practices self-discipline and good citizenship toward all clients. Social workers with these qualities will have the opportunity to do a world of good in their communities. Read Social Worker and find out how.

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Shirley Brinkerhoff
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2nd September 2014




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