Hallucinogens: Unreal Visions by Sheila Nelson

Hallucinogens: Unreal Visions

Sheila Nelson


Hallucinogens: Unreal Visions by Sheila Nelson

Seeing things that aren't really there, thinking thoughts you would never normally have thought hallucinogenic drugs work on the body by altering the way a person thinks, feels, or experiences reality. Some of these drugs are found in nature, while others are created in laboratories. All of them can have dangerous short-term and long-term effects. Hallucinogens: Unreal Visions tells the long history of these drugs. Because of the effects hallucinogens have on perceptions, people have often believed these drugs were showing them deeper meanings about the world or helping them connect with gods or their own unconscious minds. Hallucinogens, however, can be extremely dangerous. While legitimate medical or therapeutic uses may be found for these drugs in the future, taking them with friends or alone could be extremely dangerous or even deadly. This book will tell you more.

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Sheila Nelson
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2nd September 2014




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