Tobacco: Through the Smoke Screen by Zachary Chastain

Tobacco: Through the Smoke Screen

Zachary Chastain


Tobacco: Through the Smoke Screen by Zachary Chastain

It has been used in sacred ceremonies, in medicine, and as a life-saving cash crop in the New World. But today, tobacco is a problema big problem. It is one of the first substances to which young people become addicted, and it contains thousands of chemicals that are dangerous to smokers and to those who are simply in the proximity of the smoke. In Tobacco: Through the Smoke Screen, youll learn the story of tobacco, its history, its role in culture, and its dangers. You will also learn about the power of tobacco over smokers and chewers, and how cigarette makers help increase its holdand make it more difficult to live without it. Last of all, youll find suggestions on how to kick the tobacco habit and reverse its ill effects.

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Zachary Chastain
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2nd September 2014




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