World's Best Soldiers by C.F. Earl

World's Best Soldiers

C.F. Earl


World's Best Soldiers by C.F. Earl

Almost every country in the world has its elite units. These are the men and women who perform operations no regular soldiers will touch, who go deep into enemy territory to sabotage, attack, rescue, and observe. Take a look at life in five of the most prestigious military unitsU.S. Airborne Forces, the Israeli Parachute Corps, Russian Spetsnaz forces, the British SAS, and the Australian SAS. Explore each force's history to understand why these units are respected and feared by their enemies. Discover: *; How some elite units existed even in ancient times. *; What recruiters look for in special forces. *; How U.S Airborne troops parachuted into the jungles of Vietnam. *; How Russian Spetsnaz sabotaged German trains during World War II. *; How some U.S. amphibious ships can carry 1,700 troops.

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C.F. Earl
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2nd September 2014




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