Global Legends and Lore by Adelaide Bennett

Global Legends and Lore

Adelaide Bennett


Global Legends and Lore by Adelaide Bennett

They are everywhere! Rising from their tombs in abandoned European cemeteries, howling at the moon as it rises over the canyons of Mexico, stalking the living in the villages of Africa: vampires and werewolves are hauntingly familiar in the legends and lore of people all over the world. In an amazing variety of forms, from the glamorous to the ghastly, shape-shifters and the undead continue to fascinate and terrorize the people of the world (whether they actually believe in their existence or just think they're kind of "e;fun"e;). Learn about some of the most horrifying creatures to ever inhabit the nightmares of our species and realize, on every continent, in every time and place, the legends and lore of vampires and werewolves are everywhere!

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Adelaide Bennett
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3rd February 2015




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