Multiracial Families by Julianna Fields

Multiracial Families

Julianna Fields


Multiracial Families by Julianna Fields

What kind of challenges do multiracial families face? What issues do families deal with when the mother and father are of different races and the children are a mixture of the two? What about when the parents are of one race but have adopted children of another? Some of their challenges are the same as those facing families who are the same race, of course, but there are others that arise because of the families' multiracial nature. Do family members have trouble understanding what each other are going through because they do not share racial background? What about culture: should they celebrate their different races' holidays separately or blend them together to create new traditions? These are the kinds of questions the families in this book frequently face. What they have learned from their experiences can help us as well as we relate to people of different cultures.

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Julianna Fields
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3rd February 2015




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