Galactic Hot Dogs 1 by Max Brallier

Galactic Hot Dogs 1

Max Brallier


Galactic Hot Dogs 1 by Max Brallier

Galactic Hot Dogs is an insanely entertaining, eye-popping adventure! (Lincoln Peirce, bestselling author of the Big Nate series).Meet Cosmoe, the Earth-Boy. Hes captain of the Neon Weiner, the finest flying food truck in the galaxy. Along with his bud, Big Humphree, he spends his days cruising the cosmos and staying crazy busy 1. Cooking up a Mega-Dog. (Dude, this hot dog is the size of a jeep!) 2. Escaping mutant worm monsters, zombie space pirates, and grumpy robots. (What the butt?!) 3. Playing Super Moon Ninja Death Jab (Turbo Ear Slap! 9,000 points!!) 4. AndPROTECTING THE GALAXY from the Ultimate Evil. (Hes kind of an awesome space guy.)

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Max Brallier is the author of more than twenty books and games. He writes children's books and adult books. He's also a humor writer, having published The All-Star Bathroom Sampler, Toilet Trivia, Reasons to Drink, and Reasons to Smoke.

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