Extra Yard by Mike Lupica

Extra Yard

Mike Lupica


Extra Yard by Mike Lupica

Teddy, a young football player, learns that sometimes bridging the distance in your family can be harder than stretching for an extra yard on the field in the second book of the Home Team series from New York Times bestselling author and sportswriting legend Mike Lupica.Last spring Teddys life changed for the better. He started working out, shaping up, and even earned a spot on the Walton baseball team, and with the team he went all the way to the Little League World Series. But the best things to come out of that season were his friendships with Jack, Cassie, and Gus, and the confidence to finally try out for the sport he really lovesfootball. So when eighth grade begins, Teddy couldnt be more psyched. Until his mom drops a bomb: his fatherwho left them a long time agois back in Walton and back in their lives. And Teddy isnt happy about it. As a former star football player at the school, Teddys dad is thrilled to find out his son is going out for the team, but Teddy begins to wonder if his father only cares about him now because hes putting on the helmet. Can Teddy find a way to go the extra yard for the team and for himself, or is the distance between him and his father too much to overcome?

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12th January 2016




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