Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Boys by Tina Rae, Lisa Pedersen

Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Boys

Tina Rae, Lisa Pedersen


Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Boys by Tina Rae, Lisa Pedersen

'This is an extremely useful, thought-provoking programme. Rather than simply being of relevance for staff in Pupil Referral Units, it could assist a much wider group of adolescent boys in developing emotional literacy' - Support for Learning`An excellent resource for those concerned with supporting particularly the emotional development of teenage boys' - SNIPIncludes CD-RomGrowing concern about the emotional development and mental health of young men is often reported in the media, frequently accompanied by statistics showing that the majority of young people with behavioural and learning difficulties are male.This programme, which has been developed from research, practice and teaching, and has been tried and tested in a pupil referral unit, helps the participants to acknowledge the importance of emotional development and the fact that they have a responsibility to do something about it.Drawing on the authors' work and experiences, the activities are suitable for a wide range of students, including boys who present as extremely challenging in terms of their behaviour and social skills development. The 12 sessions cover:- appearance- girlfriends- sex- problem-solving- future goals.Comprehensive facilitator's notes and all the resources needed for the programme are provided, making it ideal, even for those relatively new to this kind of work or less experienced in working with groups of teenage boys. All the worksheets are easily printable from the CD-rom that accompanies the book. This is an excellent resource for all those concerned with boys' emotional development.

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Tina Rae, Lisa Pedersen
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21st August 2012




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