Highpockets by John R. Tunis


John R. Tunis


Highpockets by John R. Tunis

Cecil ';Highpockets' McDade is known for his ego, his ambition, and his batting averagebut a freak accident may help him discover what's really importantA rookie right fielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cecil ';Highpockets' McDade shows plenty of promise. But his high opinion of himself (and low opinion of the city) lands him in hot water when a sportswriter makes news out of the Dodger who hates Brooklyn, turning Highpockets into the most despised man on the team overnight.But Highpockets remains relentless in his pursuit of fame and fortuneuntil a car accident brings a boy named Dean Kennedy into his life. Dean doesn't care about the Dodgers, or baseball, or anything other than his stamp collection. Consumed by guilt over his part in the collision that may cost Dean his leg, Highpockets must try to turn his own life aroundbefore it's too late.

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John R. Tunis
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12th July 2011




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