Keystone Kids by John R. Tunis

Keystone Kids

John R. Tunis


Keystone Kids by John R. Tunis

Two brothers called up from the minor leagues try to turn around the Brooklyn Dodgers' dismal prospectsIt's late in the season, and the Brooklyn Dodgers have been flagging, dropping through the ranks as the Pittsburgh Pirates take the league. When a scout brings Spike and Bob Russell up from the minor leagues, the ';Keystone Kids' quickly prove their worth.With Spike at shortstop and Bob at second base, the future starts to look a little brighterbut Spike sees the slumping team begin to fall apart again the following year, as even his own brother picks on Klein, the new Jewish catcher. Exasperated and tired of being in last place, owner Jack MacManus unexpectedly promotes Spike to manager, hoping to shake his team of its losing habit.

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John R. Tunis
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12th July 2011




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