I've Already Forgotten Your Name, Philip Hall! by Bette Greene

I've Already Forgotten Your Name, Philip Hall!

Bette Greene


I've Already Forgotten Your Name, Philip Hall! by Bette Greene

Beth Lambert's triumphant return to Pocahontas is spoiled by fighting among the Pretty Penniesand the theft of her brother's prize pigBeth Lambert has been in exile at her Mama Regina's house in Walnut Ridge after her Pretty Pennies secretly voted her out of the presidency. She's made some new friends, and formed the Irritated Oysters Club, but she still misses her hometown of Pocahontas, Arkansas.Much to her surprise, the Pretty Pennies want her back! Bonnie has been a terrible president, making rules and taking all the fun out of their club. But Philip Hall is still spending all his time with Ginny, and Baby Beth, the singing piglet, has gone missing just before the county fair. Can Beth save the day . . . and win Philip Hall's heart once and for all?This ebook features an illustrated biography of Bette Greene including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author's personal collection.

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Bette Greene
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27th September 2011




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