When the Legends Die by Hal Borland

When the Legends Die

Hal Borland


When the Legends Die by Hal Borland

A young Native American walks between the lonesome forest where he was raised and the complicated modern world he must navigate to surviveThomas Black Bull's parents forsook the life of a modern reservation and took to ancient paths in the woods, teaching their young son the stories and customs of his ancestors. But Tom's life changes forever when he loses his father in a tragic accident and his mother dies shortly afterward. When Tom is discovered alone in the forest with only a bear cub as a companion, life becomes difficult. Soon, well-meaning teachers endeavor to reform him, a rodeo attempts to turn him into an act, and nearly everyone he meets tries to take control of his life.Powerful and timeless, When the Legends Die is a captivating story of one boy learning to live in harmony with both civilization and wilderness.

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Hal Borland
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29th November 2011




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